Missed Connections Podcast: Aloha, Lets Bang

K:Women for Men: Aloha, lets bang
Shaka brother, howzit! My name is Cammie and I just moved here from Maui for work. I’ve been feeling a little homesick and I think my forehead rubbing on your abs might just be the cure. I’m totally into that whole surfer look, which made dating in Hawaii a total cakewalk, but not here in Wisconsin. I caught sight of you in the park yesterday relaxing and tanning those pecs. Had you not been with some doughy chick, I would have come over. I hope you know you can do better than that (hint hint). Seriously some girls don’t belong in bikinis. You should see me in mine, come over and I” try it on for you. Then we can take it off and make some sweet aloha. 
S:Men for Women: Time to bring back the Smoking Section (In My Bed)
If she smokes she pokes, and I want you to poke me where it counts. You were my waitress at Denny’s last Saturday, you might remember me as the guy with the tweety bird tattoo on my exposed arms. I hope you got a nice look, because there’s more where that came from. I left my number on the receipt, but I haven’t heard anything from you. I bet you threw it away by accident, hey it happens. Y ou were out on a cigarette break when I left, so don’t think I don’t like you. Girls usually can’t keep off of me, email me and I’ll show you why.  Bring them flapjacks and I’ll show you my grand slam.