Missed Connections Podcast: Beautiful Ladies In The Gym (PF Monona) 

W4W-Beautiful Ladies At The Gym (PF Monona) 

There’s always a lot of you trying to better yourself. Whether you’re chubby or skinny, muscular or fat, good on you for bettering yourselves. Others may not notice, but I do. Makes my workouts a lot more enjoyable.

Also, the girl in the blue sweater today, or the girl in the grey tank top with the ink, I saw you. I won’t be the creeper that hits on girls at the gym, but stay good looking, ladies. Makes me want to work harder and harder being surrounded by attractive ladies.

-The girl training chest today.




You walk by through my parking lot all the time walking your dog. You walk in the lot from the street and leave out the back of the lot. You are skinny with brown hair, would love to hang out sometime. I’m into the whole leash thing, if you wanna tie a collar around my neck. You can put me on all fours. Let me know, You can be MY walker. And i’ll be your doggy dog.