Missed Connections Podcast: Caliente Man Vs. Don’t Marry HIm

K:Women for Men: Caliente Man
Hey Taco face, I wanna lick that salsa right off you. You were at Tex Tubs last night and were gorging down your chips and salsa. I was watching you suck down that sweet tomato puree. You looked like you were with your coworkers from game stop, I could tell from your shirts. You kinda have that hot slacker thing going on. I bet you smoke weed too. I was there with some girlfriends and they all went home with someone. No one ever wants to hook up with me. Most guys get weirded out by girls who don’t shave, but its natural so you should be okay with it. I want you to slurp me like you did that salsa.
S:Men for Women: Don’t marry him
Its always sad seeing a girl making the biggest mistake of her life. I saw you at your bacherlorette party at the Mediterranean hookah place during karaoke night. Your song was so sad, I could tell you were having second thoughts about marrying him. I’m almost never wrong about this. I never saw your fiance, but I know you can do better. You probably want someone to take care of you. I was the guy your friends all clapped for, I sang Motown Philly. A marriage os supposed to be perfect and if your already having problems, then the best thing for you to do is cut that knot and walk off into the sunset with a new man (hint hint).