Missed Connections Podcast: Coffee & Sex Go Hand And Hand

M: Men for Women: Thanks for a great cup of coffee, and great sex too.
I just wanted to thank you again for the fun night. That was some real hot…coffee. We met outside of Coopers last Saturday, I don’t know how we ended up at your place …drinking coffee… but lets just say I’ve never had coffee quite like that before. Neither my ex nor currant wife has skills like that. I’d love to drink coffee again sometime because i can’t stop thinking about it. My wife doesn’t have to find out  about our caffeine habits I promise. I wish I had caught your number, or even a name would have been nice, Don’t worry about that though, just read this and email pics of your face and chest so I can recognize you. We can meet up gain and drink some lattes with extra foam. Also, sorry about your hair.
K: Women for Men: Slinging out of your shorts
Whats up silly willy! I saw you jogging the other day and what a sight it was. I don’t know why you were wearing such loose shorts because your doohickey was very noticeable. Maybe try some compression shorts or something.. I mean I’m not complaining. I get to watch it mesmerized every day.   Personally I don’t know how you can walk so upright all the time. You live in my apartment building, I don’t know which apartment otherwise I would knock and jump you right there. Instead I watch you everyday running…sweaty…breathing heavenly. Please don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not some creepy person spying on you. I just caught a glace now I can’t stop watching. I keep having nasty thoughts about you and I want them to be more than just thoughts. So please read this and message me you apartment number and I’ll do the rest.