Missed Connections Podcast: Cum Over And Unwrap Me

K:Women for Men: Cum over and unwrap me
Hey hot ass guy who works at the westside Hallmark store, I am in need of a fix of you this Christmas. I was just picking out a card for my grandma, but I never expected to get so turned on in the middle of the mall. If there weren’t a hundered shoppers nearby I would have dragged you into the bathroom and we would have went to town. I’m sad I missed my opportunity and I want another. Email me back so you can CUM over to my place, we can tear off each others clothes like rabid animals. Then you can use my leftover bows and tie me up like a present;)
A:Men for Women: You helped me pick out soap, thanks
-Bath and Body Works
-Brown Pony Tail and Jefferson Starship
-Warm Vanilla Sugar-Smell it
-Food Court