Missed Connections Podcast: Disney Walmart Girl

K:Women for Women:You ruined my Morning
Hey I’m looking for the hot barista from the Fitchburg Starbucks. She ruined my bagel order and basically my morning. I’m not mad, mainly because I want to bury my face in your curves. You had short red hair and freckles, thats totally the look I’m into. I don’t even care your too stupid to make a bagel correctly, your innocent face is so cute all I can think about is sitting on it.  Even if you can’t smear cream cheese on a bagel, I’ll show you somewhere you can practice as long as you let me lick it off. You probably don’t want me, all the cute girls are taken. But you my girl are a trophy and I’m looking to display you. And don’t worry you’ll get polished right.
S:Men for Women:Disney Walmart Girl
You came into the Walmart I work at the other day. You look just like the girl from the Disney movie Moana, I can’t remember what her name was. Well whatever her name was, we can call you moaner. I’ve never disappointed a women, all six of them have been satisfied correctly. I only work as a greeter part time to cover the bills. I sell weed too, so I’m not hurting for cash. You will be taken care of sweet baby. Whatever you want you can have. The only thing I ask in return moaner is you let me be you volcano god, let me explode.