Missed Connections Podcast: Following That Whale Tail & We Screwed On Your Futon


Women for Men: We screwed on your futon

Being with you felt like I was back in high school. I don’t want you to think i am judging you, plenty of 33 year olds still live with their moms. I just was surprised when we got there from the bar. I will admit it was exciting when you told me that we couldn’t wake up your mom. I felt so young again with you, although that was maybe because we were screwing on your old basement futon. I haven’t gotten frisky on a futon since junior year. You have a lot of good qualities, smart and funny, your like crazy handsome, you just need help finding a place to live. I can help you with that, I just wish you had given me your number. I don’t want to be creepy and just show up at your moms house, so I am trying this. Please email me.. you need help. P.S. if you like having mommy around…I can help with that 😉


M: Men for Women: Following that whale tail
I promise I wasn’t stalking you! I just want to make that clear before I say anything else. I know a man following a women in a parking lot at night might seem pretty suspicious but I promise my intentions were perfectly innocent. You must work somewhere at Westtowne mall, and judging by that lacy thong above your jeans I am guessing Victoria’s Secret. I caught sight of that gorgeous pink whale tail as I was leaving work as well. I knew I had to ask you out and thats why I was following you through the parking lot. I am going to scour the stores at the mall to try to find you, but hopefully you’ll find this first. Its almost like Cinderella story isn’t it, like prince charming with the glass slipper, only its a hot thong.