Missed Connections Podcast: Hot & Heavy At The Deli

S:Men for Women-Hot n Heavy at the Deli:
      It was a morning just like any other, a long, hard day at work. I just stopped into the deli to grab some steaks for my family dinner. BUTT THEN!!! I saw you… I was stunned. You work there, you were at a counter tenderizing some chicken breast. I was couldn’t stop watching. I was enthralled with the way you brought that pronged hammer down on those breasts…over and…over. I can think of a few other uses for that hammer. (Spanking) 😉 You saw me staring…intently. You tossed me a wink and went into the back before I could give you my #.
    You are a big gal, but thats cool. The more meat the better I say, not to mention those succulent honey hams your rockin.
Lets get together for some sweaty adult fun. Tell me the name of the deli so I know your real.
P.S. Don’t worry about my wife or family, that bitch cheated on me. So its cool baby.
We were partying in Madison together. We met while we both caught each other peeing out in the parking lot. We both took a lot “shrooms” and were tripping our balls off! At one point we thought we were dying! I’m pretty sure we had sex but if we didn’t, I’d like to in the future. I remember us singing the Chilis Baby Back Ribs song together. I have something of yours you definitely want back. Please let me know if we made love or not. I’m so curious. If we did, I bet it was hot! Either way, I’d love to “shroom” with you again and play with your body!