Missed Connections Podcast: Hungry Hippos & Fiery Red!

M4F – Fiery Red
You epitomize the raw visage of a Red Head with your porcelain white skin and Valkyrie likeness torching every inch of my flesh wherein the threshold between pleasure and pain disintegrated to ash during that short minute I held you in my gaze. Yes my thoughts were very sinful while watching as you stood there and I stood there waiting. I was the dude at the gas station off Tod drive. YEAH that 7-11. I’m open 24/7 for you baby
F4M – Hungry Hippos
We used to email each other and send snap chats for fun! I miss those little distractions. You were fun. Like that old Hasbro game Hungry Hungry Hippos. Well guess what? I can play that game with you….I’ll play the hippo. If you know what I mean……I saw you at Kwik Trip In Monona last week buying bananas and blueberry’s . I miss you boo berry…..