Missed Connections Podcast: I found a leprechaun..and he found my Pot of Gold

K:WOMEN FOR MEN:I found a leprechaun..and he found my Pot of Gold
Oh and by pot of gold I meant my VAGAJITA.  I hope thats clear because I never thought a short redheaded guy could blow my mind like that. I mean yes we were drunk, but that was totally out of this world good. We met at city bar on St Patrick’s Day, I was the girl in green tights you had sex with. You had on that leprechaun outfit with a beard and everything. I was just expecting it to be boring missionary or whatever, but BOY am I glad I was wrong. You were so good I thought my head was about to explode. What sucks is that I never got your name, and all I have to remember you by is a fake beard and damp sheets. Please come back over soon!

S:MEN FOR MEN:Were you flirting? Cause it’s cool if you were
Uhhhh hi I’ve never done anything like this before, so bear with me. I’m Rich (my name) and I’m trying to find the guy who I guess what hitting on me at Shamrock last night. I had never been on there before, and honestly I had no idea what was going on. You had on that pink and white striped V Neck T shirt under your hoodie, and I thought you were pretty cute. My wife and I had been talking about trying an open marriage and I’m into you. I was just really nervous, and I’m a socially awkward mess. Please, I’ll be back there tonight and I hope to see you there. My wife is home, but she’ll get it.