Missed Connections Podcast: I Hope you don’t mind dead things

K:WOMEN FOR MEN:I Hope you don’t mind dead things
OMG we have the same car, thats super cool. I’m new in town and you were the first person I met, thanks for being nice. I hate moving to new cities. I always have such a hard time meeting new people, I almost tried speed dating. Now that I’ve met you, I don’t have to worry about it. I can’t wait for you to come over and meet all my fur babies. I have foxes and cats, I even have a big ol’ deer head. I’ve been doing taxidermy for a bit now and I think I’m getting pretty good. Be warned though, its not the cleanest hobby. You probably will go home covered in bits of hair and smells. Hit me up!
S:MEN FOR WOMEN:You caught me in the bushes
I’m just checking in to see if your still into it. I was a little drunk and stumbling home when i had the urge to tinkle. I couldn’t get home and it was late so, obviously the bushes were a good place. I thought I had concealed my dingaling from passer’s by, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) you caught sight of me in all my glory. Maybe you thought I was doing something other than peeing, either way we locked eyes and I felt a connection that I never had before. You had one of those ear flappy hats on. Why did you run away? Are you playing hard to get? I want to know if you’re into it?