Missed Connections Podcast: I Still Have A Teddy Bear

M: Men for Women: I still have a teddy bear
You had cute round glasses and wore one of those thin silky over-shirts over your t shirt. I have never seen anyone as hot as you, perfect curves, perfect ass, perfect face. I keep trying to go back to target to find you, but I haven’t yet. What I remember most about you was that teddy bear tattoo you had on your leg. It seems like a whimsical thing to do and I think thats super interesting. I like teddy bears to, I have one thats like 5 feet tall. You would fall in love with it, we could even get it on…on my teddy bear. I want to find you, I need to find you. They say everyone has a soul mate and I know that you are mine.
K: Women for Men: Prom King 1987
Hey Cody I hope you find this, it’s me Joanna from High School. I was your prom queen 30 years ago and you were my sexy king. I found my old year books last week and saw your picture. You were so handsome, looking back I regret not putting out at the time. I was just so nervous because I had never had sex before. Things are different now and I think it would be great to see you again. I can’t find you on Facebook, maybe you don’t have one, or you changed your name or something. But if by some miracle you find this post, I promise you will get more thank my hand this time. 😉