Missed Connections Podcast: I Want My Ring Back & Missing My Pen Pal

K:Women for Men:I want my ring back
Hi you might remember me from the Laurel, I was out drinking and we kinda hooked up in your car. Honestly it wasn’t very good but that’s because it was crazy cold out. I thought you were hot in a “guy I’ll do stuff with and never think about again” kind of way. This isn’t because I want to do anything with you again, its about the ring you swallowed. If you remember when we were hooking up you started sucking on my fingers which was nice. However I didn’t notice that you sucked on of my rings right off my finger. I don’t know if you kept it, spit it out, or swallowed it; but I want to find it. My fiend gave me that ring and its special to me. So if you email me back and describe the ring so I know its you then we can meet up and you can give me my ring and I can do something for you.
A:Men for Women:Missing my Pen Pal
This is Steven, and I’m looking for the girl who I used to write back and forth with. I really miss you and it was probably the highlight of my week whenever I got a letter from you. I think we had a real connection, especially when we would start writing naughty stuff to each other. I want to take you up on some of your fun offers. Its what got me through my last year inside. Prison was honestly really hard for me but you were the beacon of light at the end of that tunnel. I know you stopped responding after I told you why I want to jail, but that’s all in the past I swear. Please lets get together and you can show me what you meant when you said you’ll, “wear me   like a beard”.