Missed Connections Podcast: Ice Buns & Red Light Stop And Go

You were the cute little thing that fell flat on your face in front of the Hy-Vee the other day. Let me start off by saying I like my men strong. But you, It was almost impossible not to smile after seeing the way you handled yourself getting back up from your fall. But you didn’t realize you ripped your pants. As you walked away with your backdoor open. I got lost in your buns. So lost that I now miss the sight of them. Call me and and I’ll take care of your sore icy buns.

I saw you last night at the corner of Nakoma Rd and Seminole. We were both stopped at the red light and I looked up to see you pulled up next to me. I saw your eyes sparkle in the shadow of the red light and snow. As it turned green my life stopped. BUT WAIT. Your car had some difficulty in the snow. This was my chance to maybe help you in more ways than one. But alas you sped away as I stepped out of my car to help you. I already miss those beautiful eyes. I was driving a blue Prius. Hit me back if you remember where our stars aligned.