Missed Connections Podcast: Kiosk Hookup

W4M-Kiosk Hookup
I was the white girl with green eyes hanging outside the West Towne Mall. I had a Drake tattoo on my arm and I was vaping. I was stoned and feeling playful so I flashed my girls at you. You told me they were sexy and we talked about what you do at the mall. My husband was the guy in the parking lot staring at us if you didn’t notice. We both want one night with you. My husband actually noticed you first and actually purchased some CBD oil from you at the Kiosk in the mall. We are living in a motel right off The Beltline now, so seclusion is not a problem. You made my husband jealous and that turns him on. He get’s off when men want me. No strings attached…just one night of eroticism. If you’re clean, no need for protection. We are completely healthy as well.