Missed Connections Podcast: Looking For My Fresh Motel Prince

WOMEN FOR MEN:Looking for my Fresh motel Prince
Please please please come and turn my life flip upside down, I really need it. If you want you can turn ME flip upside down, that could be a lot of fun too. I saw you at Kings Motel on the east side while I was waiting at a red light. I was freaking bored out of my mind when i saw you…and those abs. Your dress shirt was open and OH MY GOD. You could grate cheese those things. I don’t know if you are just in madison on business or if you were doing something…naughty there. Either way I can think of a lot of mun things we can do with eachother. Message me and tell you your thoughts, hopefully they involve my tongue and whipped cream.
MEN FOR WOMEN:Walmart Tiger Girl…Rawr
I’m trying to find a pair of yoga pants and the girl that was in them. I’ve never seen tiger print ones before but they were badass. I saw you at the Nakoosa Trail Walmart and you had your hair in a bun and a Badgers sweatshirt on. You had a super cute soft face, the kind that I wanna kiss all night long. I caught you looking at me,  I had the green trench coat and gold chain. I really wanna get with you, honestly I haven’t gotten any in a couple years. I’m ready to turn my life around and you and those yoga pants can be my guide. I don’t currently have a place, so we would have to do it at your apartment/house. I’ll be your sex tiger for a night.