Missed Connections Podcast: Man About Town & Were you sending signals

K:Women for Men:Man About Town
I love a player and you are the king of them. I’m looking for my friend ashley’s ex guy. We only met once before you two split and I don’t want to ask my friends for your number, so I’m trying here. Apparently you cheated on Ashley with our other friend and I’m wondering why not me. I would have totally done stuff with you, was I not being obvious. You are hella ripped and wear tank tops under your hoodie. What can i do to make this happen, I’m way hotter and have bigger boobs than susan. Do you just like skinny girls? Then why were you with Ashley? Is that why you cheated on her? I’m confused and the only cure is your sweaty body.
S:Women for Men:Were you sending signals?
Hi, sorry I don’t have much experience with women persay. I think you were sending me signals the other night at Wando’s but I got nervous and ended up throwing up in the bathroom. A girl’s never really come on to me like that before. You had these cute freckles and you said you liked mine too. My mom calls them angel kisses. You are really pretty and I like you a lot. You had on a pink bra strap, I know that because you flashed it at me. Thats one of those signals I couldn’t figure out. Could we have had sex? Just wondering. If the answer is yes, you should message me and we can rub freckles.