Missed Connections Podcast: Meat Matters & Group Hug Or Are You Dead

K:WOMEN FOR MEN:Meat Matters
I love all kinds of meat boy, you know that! Bacon, ham, turkey, and of course..Sausage(Winky Face). You work at the Hy-Vee deli in Fitchburg and your the guy who in the beard net, as well as the hair net. I’m used to people at grocery stores to be kinda fuddy duddies. Not you though! You were joking around and seemed really fun! I am the lady who ordered a hefty sack of andouille sausage, and thanks because it was super tasty.  I was thinking of you the whole time, haha JK.  There’s like no way a guy like you is single, but if you are and like older women then we should get together. I’ll even show you my “special” sack.
S:MEN FOR WOMEN:We shared a group hug, are you dead?
Hey I’m trying to find some chick I met at Madison Winterfest at Elver Park, I was with there with my cousin and you and I were next to eachother in a group hug. I’ve been trying to find you for a month now and its like you don’t even exist. I’ve tried finding you on Facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, even on LinkedIn. So either your a hermit or your dead. But we had a connection, and I hate the idea of you not being an alive person anymore. So if by some miracle you survived, your life love is seeking you. And I WILL find you.