Missed Connections Podcast: More Drilling

A:Women for Women: Destroy me please
 I saw you and your friends drinking and walking State Street. You all look like collage students and I like that whole look. I’m especially into you, that’s why I tried to say something to you. It sucks that your friends kinda stopped me because we could have had a lot of fun. Normally I would have given up but its just that you look exactly like my Ex. We dated for a while and she was a maniac in the sheets and I bet you are to. I want to feel destroyed by you. I want your hip movement to crush my pelvis, by the time we’re done I want to look like a used Q-Tip. We can get together and call in sick because we are so exhausted from using eachother. I’m not into dating, just the sex, but that’s enough right!? So hit me up if you want to get squashing.
K:Women for Men: More than one kind of Drilling  
I know this is a long shot, but I have to try. I’m looking for the contractor me and my then husband hired last year to redo our kitchen. You are like the most musky masculine guy I have ever seen, honestly you are one of the reasons he’s my ex husband. I saw what else was out there and I wanted it. I could call your business but that seems a bit excessive just to get laid. I want you to come over and do some drilling, and this time not on the cabinets. You’ve already made and appearance in my head during my alone time and with other guys, so we might as well have it be a live event. So come on baby lets put that woodwork to use.