Missed Connections Podcast: My Own Paul Bunyan

WOMEN FOR MEN:My own Paul Bunyan
Oh My God, All that HAIR!!! I love me a man with some fuzz and boy you have the most I’ve ever seen. I saw you in the parking lot of home depot (which is a good sign), you were carrying lumbar over you shoulder to your lifted truck. Its so hard to find a real man and I think you are the jackpot. You had a blue flannel tucked into your wrangler jeans, it fit you with that thick ticklish beard. I can’t wait to see how it feels in between my thighs. You had work gloves on so I couldn’t tell if there was a ring or not. Even if you are married, I’ve been in threesomes before and I will be again big boy.
MEN FOR WOMEN:Take Me With You
My sweet Blue October baby, I can’t stand to lose you. We met at a concert here at the Sylvee and then we hooked up in my car. It was the first time I ever cried after sex and thats because it was magical for me. Our physical connection is without question and if I lost you, then I to would be lost. I know you are planning on flying to Iceland this week and I can’t let you go. I will be waiting in the airport for you and I hope I see you. I will buy a plane ticket if I have to, I am in love with you and nothing can keep love down. Even though we only had sex once, I would follow you to the ends of the earth.