Missed Connections Podcast: Santa’s Naughty List & Garbage Pal Kids!

W4M-Santa’s Naughty List
I saw you this past Saturday looking at Christmas trees at French Creek Farms. I was their with my boyfriend and you were their with another woman and child. We crossed paths at the wreath section and you smiled at me while I was bent over picking one up. My bofriend caught you looking at my rump and you guys then exchanged glances. You actually said to my boyfriend “What the hell are you staring at” and he said you! I was hoping you would of pummeled my boyfriend. I favorite movie is Fight Club. I just love men throwing each other around and inforcing pain. Don’t Judge. I think that would of been really hot! If you wouldn’t mind leaving your woman for one cold night and spend it with me, I’ll have you over when my man is working. I guess santa can put me on his naughty list this year!
M4W-Garbage Pal Kids
This past weekend I was throwing my garbage away behind the arberetum apartments. You were carrying a box with you and you unfortunatley fell due to the hooker like heels you were wearing. I remember they were red with silver looking gems on the spike. It was weird somewhat you were wearing those as it was 6:30 in the morning on Sunday. You had smeared mascara on your face and your hair was jacked up. Yeah, I’m guessing you had gotten freaky and now you were doing the walk a shame to the garbage. You saw me and acted like you hadn’t fallen on your face at all. I find that to be extremely sexy. I think it’s even sexier that you had a box of garbage pal kids cards. Not sure what that’s all about but if you were a Garbage Pal Kid,,I call you Hooker Heels Heidi! Let me know if you  wanna play!