Missed Connections Podcast: Wal-Mart Pharmacy Guy & Bread Aisle


W4M-Wal-“Mart Pharmacy Guy” 

You helped me find something Sat. nite around 7:30. I had forgotten my glasses, so you read the label to me. You were younger than me, by quite a bit, but you kept looking down at something I had and smiling. We managed to chat for just a split second, and then I licked my lips, and you really smiled. If you have the hankering to see what I can do, I’d LOVE TO. That’s all I could ask for, just do what you smiled at.



Male for Female-“Bread Aisle”

To the hot mom shopping with your daughter at Woodman’s on Milwaukee St. Watching you walk down the bread isle, You knew I was watching, and you know this single, professional, alpha male  would LOVE to taste you. Maybe … Be the salami to your grand slam? Good girls know how to sneak away for a few hours, our secret. Shhhhhh bring the mayo.