Missed Connections Podcast: What’s with the blood

K:WOMEN FOR MEN:What’s with the blood?
I’m looking for this super hot doctor I saw the other day on Park Street. Well at least I’m assuming your a doctor, you were by St. Mary’s and wearing blood covered scrubs. It seems weird you would go out for a cigarette while covered in blood, what happened in there? You were so hot I can barely think straight, I don’t care if you had blood on you or not I wanted to drag you into my room and have dirty animal sex with you. I had an appointment otherwise I would have stopped and asked you out. Thats too bad, because I drive by everyday now and can’t see you. I want to see you again, a lot of you. I want you to grab me by the scruff of my neck and start bumping. I hope you’re into curvy girls, because I have more than you can handle.
S:MEN FOR WOMEN:Janitor Chick
Hey baby, you can throw sawdust on my puke any day of the week. I was visiting MATC last week and I saw you waxing one of the tile floors. I didn’t see your name tag, it was either Gilda or Hilda. But you have this weathered look I’m really into, I like older women because they have the experience necessary for mind blowing O’s. So G’Hilda come on over to my place, take that moo moo off, get dem dentures out, and we can find out if that floor wax works on poles too.