Missed Connections Podcast: Yo Puke Gurll Wazup

K:Men for Women: Yo puke gurll wazup

You know, I don’t bother with most girls who throw up outside of bars because they are super trashy, but you… you are an angle. Running into you outside that bar might have been luck or something else. I had just decided to step out for a smoke when I saw you with your crying friend. You were both puking a little bit, but you are the hotter of the two for sure. I would love to meet you, I hope you are into older guys with a lot of stamina. You are just super hot, but I was about 8 drinks in so maybe you actually aren’t.

T: Women for Men:  I hope you didn’t die

If you are still alive, I hope you read this. HAHA that was a joke because we met at the clinic, remember 😉 I think once you get to know me you will find I have wicked sense of humor. I felt like we had a real connection at the UW Clinic waiting room. I was the girl who refused to tell you why I was there, to be fair you didn’t tell me either. (Although you obviously had a broken nose) Find me… and maybe you will see why I was there. I promise it’s nothing tooooo gross. 😉