Missed Connections Podcast: You Whispered In My Ear

K:Women for Men:You Whispered in My Ear
My Poofie still quivers from what you said to me. I’m looking for MR FRIZZ 1067 who I met on a hookup site and we went to town on each other. It was just sex, so normally I wouldn’t be trying to contact you, but you had this special moment and I want to find you again. Your hips were pulsating on me and I was screaming your name “MR FRIIIIIZZZZZ!” Then just as my ecstasy reached a peak, you leaned over and whispered into my ear. It was over the second you said that, I’m still trying to launder the sheets. If you find this, email me and say the same thing you whispered so I know it’s you. Gracias

S:Men for Women:Come over and drop dat Badonkadonk
Guuurrrrlllllll, i’d be in the graveyard if butts could kill. That thing is an atomic explosion of perfection. I just want to take that hing home and frame it. I saw you at my Planet Fitness and you were on the elliptical machine. Seeing those buns sweat in the gym is a shame, they belong in a museum. I can just imagine the silky smooth curves of your body. I would have said something to you, but you had your headphones in. I’ve tried to go back but I can’t find you anymore, I hope you didn’t move gyms. So lets get together and jiggle.