Local Love Submissions

    #LocalLove on 93.1 JAMZ

    We’re turning up Madtown looking for the best music from Madison.   Do you want to hear your music on the Radio in your hometown?  Submit your music for consideration and 93.1 JAMZ might be able to help make that dream a reality.

    Radio is not for everyone or every song. JAMZ would like to give Madtown artist’s a chance to be heard.   Below are JAMZ submission guidelines.  If by chance your submission does NOT fit the criteria, please do not be discouraged.   Evaluate your position, strategize, and submit when you are 100% ready.  Submit the material you believe has the best chance on Radio.  JAMZ will accept submissions from each artist 3 or 4 times per year – please choose wisely.

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Send in 1 or 2 songs per submission (Do Not send full albums)
    • file in mp3
    • file must be titled (Artist Name – Song Name)
    • must be Professionally mastered
    • clean lyrics (fcc compliant)
    • Publishing in place with – Ascap or BMI

    What not to send 

    • Links to youtube / iTunes / Soundcloud etc’ – we need an actual file.
    • Full Albums – please choose and submit particular projects, not every song is for the radio.
    • rough mixed songs – no mastering – no chance. it has to sound good.
    • Songs with Dirty Lyrics – music must be FCC compliant – NO SWEARING.
    • Songs with editing that make it unlistenable.

    Things that help us help you – but aren’t required. These are common resources artist’s should already have in place to meet consumer / promotional demand.

    • Active social media links
    • music video / artwork for the submission
    • lyric sheets / links to lyric sites
    • Bio / 1 Sheet

    Submission’s accepted it will need to be encoded with industry standard tracking services. These tracking services determine artists national ranking / charting position and allow radio to account for airtime.  (It helps with royalty services)

    Below are links to submit your music to both BDS Radio (which 93.1 JAMZ utilizes) and Mediabase (widely used in the industry).  This is Free and only takes a couple Business days to set up.  Submission’s do not have to be encoded prior to submitting, however it will speed things up.

    BDS Radio Submission  (BDS does not send any verification that it is encoded)


    Mediabase Music Submission (Mediabase typically verifies encoding via e-mail)


    Sound Exchange is another valuable resource that should be utilized with Nielsen BDS and Mediabase. S.E. provides digital performance royalties for non-interactive platforms like satellite radio, pandora, and Spotify.



    Now that all that is out of the way – Let’s get your music submitted for #LocalLove on 93.1 JAMZ ~ BE HEARD!

    Send submissions to


    (Submission’s within guidelines  / accepted will receive a reply)

    Thank for Listening to the most new music in Madtown, let’s spread the #LocalLove on 93.1 JAMZ