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Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: The Sense of Hearing is Wild

The sense of hearing is wild we can detect the air pressure changes caused by a paper clip hitting the floor from across the room.

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: COVID-19 and What We Are Doing to Keep Patients Safe

Today at 7:40 it’s Fit & Fabulous 💪🏻 on Krista & The Morning Rush with Julie Lombardo from Capitol Physical Therapy. She joined us by phone ☎ this morning.  We talked COVID-19 and what they […]

2nd Date Update Podcast: Facebook Ex

Marsha is calling for a second date with Brent. They met on Match. As soon as she saw his profile she knew he was the guy for her. She felt like they had so much […]

RealityCheck Podcast: We’ve Got the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvlason!!!!

Today was a very special RealityCheck.  We had the OG of the OC on the phone with Krista & The Morning Rush. She spilled some tea! She told us who she’s still in contact with […]