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Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome

Today at 7:40 it’s Fit & Fabulous on Krista & The Morning Rush with Dr. Rich Merrion from New Health Chiropractic.  He joined Tracy by phone this morning.  Today we talked about Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome and […]

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: I Think Going Through A Woman’s Handbag

I think going through a woman’s handbag would probably throw away more in cosmetics than the value of the cash in the bag. Oh that reminds me I have to pay my Ulta card.

2nd Date Update Podcast: Plate Licker

Danny is calling for a second date with Clare. They met on Match. They shared in common their love of cajun cuisine. When chatting Danny asked Clare if she had ever been to one of […]

RealityCheck Podcast: Zack Teperman Owner of ZTPR

Today we had another special RealityCheck!  Zack Teperman owner of ZTPR joined us on Krista & The Morning Rush by phone. He’s worked with the Kardashians, members from the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore, some […]