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Breaking Bad News Podcast: Mommy Makeover

Marcy is calling to break the bad news to her husband Don. For the past few months especially while during quarantine Marcy has really been thinking a lot about doing a mommy makeover. She’s the […]

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: In Films When Someone Steals a Car

In films when someone steals a car and speeds off they never have to stop for a second to adjust the seat position.

Fashion on the Fly Podcast: Nordstrom SALE

Thank you to our girl Kelsie Kristine 💕 for joining Krista & The Morning Rush and Tracy Anderson (via phone ☎) every Tuesday with our segment “Fashion on the Fly.” 👗Today’s topic: Nordstrom SALE.  Text […]

2nd Date Update Podcast: Meditating

Greg is calling for a second date with Veronica. They met on the dating app Hinge. They both connected over having a lot of time to reflect during quarantine. They both wanted to meet for […]