2nd Date Update


2nd Date Update Podcast: Full Body Suit

Jeremy is calling for a second date with Alley. They met on Tinder. They’ve both been self quarantining and thought it would be safe to go to Jeremy’s house for Netflix and Chill and social distance 6

2nd Date Update Podcast: Face Time Dating

Boulder is calling Melanie for a second date. They met on OKCupid and have been messaging each other for several weeks now. Since being quarantined at home, Boulder came up with the idea to face time their

2nd Date Update Podcast: Clipped Toe Nails

Shana is calling Tim for a second date. They met on Zoosk with many interests in common. Although he lives an hour away, they still met up for some rock climbing. Everything went so well that they

2nd Date Update Podcast: 30 Dates in 3 Days

Polly is calling Brett for a second date. They met on Tinder and decided to go out for brunch. Conversation was great, lots in common, it was a memorable time…  So why isn’t he calling her back?

2nd Date Update Podcast: Moving Out Of State

Dylan is calling Dana for a second date. They met through mutual friends on game night and hit it off. They both enjoy trivia and murder mysteries type of games so they decided to go out. They

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