Breaking Bad News



Ugly Ring

Evelyn needs to break the bad news to her fiance Tony that she hates the engagement ring he picked out. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she thinks the ring is definitely not her.

Lana’s Planning a Birthday Party for Katie or Maybe Not?

Lana calls Katie to break the bad news that no one wants to come to her birthday party because of what’s on the invite.

Cheating Boyfriend

Samantha has some bad news for her friend Darla. Her boyfriend tried hitting on her and has done this several times before with other women. She now wants to break the news in hopes that Darla will

Nasty Bugs

Breaking Bad News, we hate having to do it but sometime s we just have too. We got Vicki who has some bad news for her best friend Jessica . We are going to help them out .

I Got Your Job

It’s Always Nice To Get A Promotion… But What If It Includes Your Best Friend On The Job Being Laid Off?!?!?!?

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