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Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Dr. Rich Talks Probiotics

    Today at 7:40 a.m. it’s Fit & Fabulous! Our favorite chiropractor Dr. Rich ???? from New Health Chiropractic will be in studio with Krista & The Morning Rush talking about “Probiotics.” We always have a good time when he stops by to

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Midwest Best CBD Oil

  It’s Fit & Fabulous!! with the co-owners of Midwest Best CBD Oil Stephen and Joree Ketelsen. They’re talking about all the things CBD might help with and brought a special guest. Dr. Kareem Kandil the brains behind the

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Year In Review With Dr. Rich

  Today at 7:40 it’s Fit & Fabulous with our favorite Chiropractor Richard Merrion with New Health Chiropractic . We always love when he joins Krista & The Morning Rush. He keeps us healthy! Tune in today and get some health tips

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: 12 Days of Fitness & Holiday Nurtrition Goal

  Always a pleasure to have in our trainer Hans’ Fit and Fabulous Hans Schiefelbein???? Today we chatted “12 Days of Fitness & Holiday Nutrition” #trainer #personaltrainer #healthyeating ???? Happy Holidays!!

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Acupuncture

Today at 7:40 it’s Fit & Fabulous with Patricia Laufenberg. She’s with Holistic Healing Pagoda in Verona. She’ll be talking pain management and how acupuncture can help. Krista & The Morning Rush

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Holiday Stress On The Body

  oday at 7:40 am it’s Fit & Fabulous with our favorite Chiropractor Dr. Rich from New Health Chiropractic. He’ll be talking stress with the holidays on Krista & The Morning Rush. You don’t want to miss!

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: White Friday & Prom Fashion Show

Thanks to our beautiful friend Rosemary Williams owner of Premiere Couture who stopped by #fitandfabulous to talk about Nov 29th “White Friday” and “Prom 2020 Launch Party Fashion Show” Dec 8th Krista & The Morning Rush Tracy Anderson 93.1 Jamz

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Han’s Talks NaNoWriMo!

  Thanks to Hans Schiefelbein #personaltrainer who graced Krista & The Morning Rush today for “Fit & Fabulous” Today was all about “NanoWriMo” #nationalnovelwritingmonth ???????????? Today we learned all about “What would you include in a person’s story of fitness” #strengthtraining #faitfour #inspirational #fitandfabulous

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Helping Women’s Mental Health With Grapevine

  Today at 7:40 it’s Fit & Fabulouswith Notesong Srisopark Thompson Volunteer and Chelsea Tibbets Outreach Manager from Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation – The Grapevine Program. They will join Krista & The Morning Rush in the studio to talk about the

Fit & Fabuluous Podcast: Dr. Rich Talks Back Pain

???? Dr. Rich from @newhealthmadwi stopped by to talk #backpainrelief in #fitandfabulous!!! Check out our podcast at under “Fit & Fabulous” We learn what are the major causes of back pain, how a chiropractor can help you out. Also learn how statistically