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Inside Krista’s Head: If You Eat Something with a Cheese Filling

If you eat something with a cheese filling you become the thing with the cheese filling…Get it? I could really go for a cheese curd right now, or a cheeseburger or cheese fries or how about fried

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: There’s a Special Guilt In Ordering Pizza 

There’s a special guilt in ordering pizza when you know you have a frig full of food.

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: If You Are Quote on Quote Only Average Looking

If you are quote on quote only average looking in a town of only good looking people then you are also good looking.

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: Smelling Flowers

Smelling flowers is smelling plant balls…That’s my favorite word.

Inside Krista’s Head Podcast: No One Ever Announces

No one ever announces when it’s their first rodeo.

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