Missed Connections

Where people are looking for love, but they are to much of a weenie to come up and say anything to you, so that’s why we read them off Craigslist.


Missed Connections Podcast: Aloha, Let’s Bang

T:Women for Men: Aloha, lets bang Shaka brother, howzit! My name is Cammie and I just moved here from Maui for work. I’ve been feeling a little homesick and I think my forehead rubbing on your abs

Missed Connections Podcast: Yo Puke Gurll Wazup

K:Men for Women: Yo puke gurll wazup You know, I don’t bother with most girls who throw up outside of bars because they are super trashy, but you… you are an angle. Running into you outside that

Missed Connections Podcast: Ice Buns & Red Light Stop And Go

F4M ICE BUNS You were the cute little thing that fell flat on your face in front of the Hy-Vee the other day. Let me start off by saying I like my men strong. But you, It

Missed Connections Podcast: Hungry Hippos & Fiery Red!

M4F – Fiery Red You epitomize the raw visage of a Red Head with your porcelain white skin and Valkyrie likeness torching every inch of my flesh wherein the threshold between pleasure and pain disintegrated to ash

Missed Connections Podcast: 4th Meal & Wet Produce

MALE FOR FEMALE “4TH MEAL” You were sitting alone at T-Bell today. I wanted to say something to you but I didn’t want to disturb your delicious lunch. I’d really like to take you out to dinner.

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