Reality Check

Reality Check

RealityCheck Podcast: Erin Martin in Talking Atlanta, Beverly Hills and New York Housewives and Gossip!

RealityCheck Podcast: Bachelor Finale!

It was a four hour two day Bachelor finale! Colton let’s some ladies go because he believes he truly knows who “The One” really is! Also we find out who the new Bachelorette will be!

Reality Check Podcast: Colton Jumps The Fence, Ne Ne Freak Out & NY Premiere

Cassie breaks Colotn’s heart and that’s why he jumps the infamous 8 foot wall!!! Ne Ne breaks down and throws down her camera guy after entering after the ladies do in her closet! Real Housewives of New

RealityCheck: Bachelor, Beverly Hills Housewives and New Jersey Reunion Part 2

It’s hometown days with Colton! Meeting the parents….oh so big. The girls from Beverly Hills Housewives are in the Bahamas. Why does Erika Jayne have to bring her glam squad every where?! Teresa doesn’t seem too happy

Reality Check Podcast: Bachelor and Beverly Hills Housewives Premiere

#bachelor Colton was not having it this episode. He was pretty cut throat letting four girls go! The Housewives of Beverly Hills Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump and the puppy scandal! We meet Denise Richards and so much

Reality Check Podcast: Shocking Bachelor Revelation & Who Was Launching F Bombs

#bachelor Shocking news that Caelynn revealed to Colton and a whole lot of SHADY bitching between Eva dnd Maro from “The Real Houswives of Atlanta” And what all wen down at Andy Cohen’s baby shower!

Reality Check Podcast: Revealing Your Firsts With Colton & Vinery Shade

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman share first time events with the women. Colton goes on his first group date. Everyone has to tell a personal story. Colton talks about being a virgin! Demi is going all the  way

Reality Check Podcast: Bride Squad, Shady Weight Loss, And College Cries

#RealtyCheck New Jersey Housewives Danielle Staub gets married….RUN MARTY!!! Jackie writes an article criticizing Jennifer’s parenting and Atlanta Housewives Eva dress shops and Noelle goes off to college.It’s always a good time with my girl Krista & The Morning

Reality Check Podcast: Strippers, Bridezillas, & Lots Of Crying

Say good-bye to OC for now, Boobs & Burbon, and Bridezillas!

Reality Check: All About Reunions, Fake Faces, And Sistery Brawls