Restoration Soap & Body Care [Community & Cultural Awareness]

    Restoration Soaps & Bodycare, we develop and create our own formulas, we source our own raw materials, and we manufacture all products by hand. We create our products in small batches that allow us to be creative and use the finest ingredients to produce a quality product.

    We believe that nature contains the best ingredients to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. The skin is the largest organ of the body, be good to it. Nourish it, give it the best, do not poison it with unnecessary chemicals and harsh treatments. We must be conscious as to what we put on our skin as we are about what we eat. We at Restoration, believe simple is best. Why use a harsh substance when we have so many natural butters and oils to choose from? Research is key, learn, ask questions, read labels, we only get one body…take care of it inside and out!
    Our products are cruelty free. We source all our ingredients from ethical and sustainable companies and co-ops. We care about the environment. We use companies that pride themselves in being environmentally friendly. Our products are mineral oil free, no Phthalate, no Parabens, no alcohol, no toxic chemicals, just plenty of natural ingredients. We use natural clays, botanicals, herbs, purees, and essentials oils to formulate our products. We have a full vegan line up of soaps in addition to our goat milk and honey-based soaps.

    Nourish it, Cherish it, Restore It, Be Intentional, Be GOOD to the Skin You’re In!