She Don’t Cook, she Don’t Clean, She Just Burns WINGS, Houston We Have Problem!

    Cardi burns Offsets wings and he sings about it!

    She don’t cook and she don’t clean,… we can tell because she burn them wings.. LOL Cardi B Burns Offsets wings and IG lets cardi have the flames..


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just NOT The headline News ~

    The U.S. recorded its first polio case in over a decade, Amber Heard wants a retrial, The average American eats food off the floor about four times a month, and President Biden’s Covid-19 symptoms now include a sore throat and body aches….

    Hi, Im Chucky Wanna Play?

    Over the weekend a clip went viral of a woman driving down the road and in her rear view mirror she catches a glimpse of chucky…   a real-life Chucky!!!


    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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    Astronauts have been warned, no more lift-offs once they hit zero g’s

    NASA has strict guidelines over “alone-time” onboard in zero gravity. Astronauts have been warned against masturbating in space over fears female astronauts could get impregnated by stray fluids


    Rollin Loud Miami Recap

    Rolling loud was crazy, Kid cudi stormed off stage,both kanye and Travis scott performed, antonio brown  debuted as a rapper…… wow  he needs to stick to football and saweetie shoots her shot.. At a fan!