1 on 1 w/ Knox Boomin #FusionAfternoons

    Bringing heat from Wisconsin, Knox Boomin is making waves in the music industry. For his age, just being 16 years old, Knox Boomin has found himself inspired by music. Growing up listening to his favorite artists, freestyling and eventually getting familiar with tying it all together, Knox found himself signing with TeamJohnHill, a renowned Chicago entertainment company led by grammy nominated singer, songwriter producer and CEO John Hill.

    Knox Boomin has a unique sound that caters to HipHop lovers around the world connecting all who listen through his music. With his latest single, “Trust Me” we can see the fast growth and impact his music has. Be sure to check out his trending single as it continues to pick up by the day.

    Click the link below to see

    “Trust Me” music video: https://youtu.be/wbZysS7V0Ps