Lets Get Into The Mess #GossipReport

The attack on DJ’s have been CRAZY

  1. Cardi b throws a mic at Dj at club Drais claiming he did not play her set correctly. Note a fan at a different Drais concert throws water on Cardi B and she chucked her Mic at her. 
  2. Sexy Red cussed out Dj Mr.Rogers for turning her music off during performance. Dj Mr.Rogers said “I’m not her actual Dj. Love this new generation of artist” 


Prince is LOCKED UP!

Prince of LAHHM and o known from Bad Boys Season 2 has been arrested for burglary and assault charges. WTF… This is not the first time Prince has seen the slammer. As of yesterday he has no bond, we will follow this to see if this is random or relationship mess.


Lizzo- fatshaming at SBSW, forcing her dancers to do some pretty raunchy things in clubs and after parties. Forcing her dancers to watch nude performers at private events. Under paying her dancers.


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