Their Business Is Our Business #GossipReport


Chisean and Blueface back at it as always. 

-Rock is on live taking back all her regrets about being a mom and or being happy about her unborn child. She claims that Blueface is doing these attacks for 15 sec of fame. 


-Blueface goes live and ask his other baby momma to whoop Rock and her BFF ass. He claims that Rock fights while she is pregnant so he doesn’t care if his BM fights her while pregnant.  


If you’re keeping up with ZUES Crazy in Love show that gives a birdies view on the twos relationship they visited a polygraph specialist in California where Rock  failed majority of the questions asked by Blueface regarding her cheating. 


Meech and Summer Walker.. Trouble in Paradise. 

Meech has been caught on a ring camera walking into a female’s apartment. After the video surfaces on social media he claims that this was his cousin and he was helping her with her groceries. The video does not show him or her carrying any groceries.

Summer comes back with a concert feature with Saucy Santanna for Big Red song “Im looking for the Hoes” She is seen twerking all over the stage. 

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